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Through the Eyes

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  • God I love this CD. I first saw Flaw play with Sevendust in a small club in Cincinnati and was [mad] that I didn’t get to see their full set. If the 2nd opening act (Gravity Kills) didn’t [STUNK], Sevendust would have had a hard time following Flaw. This band has a unique style that’s not readily apparent on first listen. Think about this, how do you make yourself distinct in a world with a thousand new (nu?) metal bands popping up everywhere. There’s no scratching or DJ work here (thank god), just amazing melodies, fantastic, crushing riffs, great song structure and two complimentary voices. I don’t think Flaw has even hit their peak yet, Through the Eyes will be seen as a classic in a few years once the Hoobastanks and Linkin Parks dissapear. Chris’ lyrics are incredibly deep and complex and you can feel the genuine pain and anguish in his work. BUY THIS CD

    Posted on December 14, 2009