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Time Bomb

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  • So, where has rock like this been all my life. Buckcherry, Time Bomb. A refreshing album, an album that is simply a lot of fun. With the exception of a few ballads, which are good in their own right, Buckcherry rocks out for the entire album without stopping. I mean it’s just endless, straight-ahead, driving rock. There are no synthesizers, no machines, no stupid records being scratched, and no rap-metal, borderline, does not know which way to go [music]. Just rock from start to finish. The drums are pounding, the riffs are loud and endless, and yes lead singer Josh Todd does scream the whole time, but that is what makes this album so great and what makes Buckcherry- well Buckcherry. The band is at its best when it’s totally rocking out. It’s just rock. Think Chuck Berry. And maybe that’s where Buckcherry got their name. Wouldn’t surprise me. The whole album is excellent. On this album, screaming is very good. It’s always there for me when I just need to let loose and have fun. Sure, the lyrics are not profound, but I doubt they were meant to be, and with songs that sound so good, they don’t have to be. That’s not what Buckcherry is all about. So, for once, let go of your anger and fear and sadness, and have fun with Time Bomb. We all need to do that sometimes. It’s theraputic.

    Posted on November 24, 2009