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Time Bomb

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  • Buckcherry is pure metal in the style of vintage Guns n Roses and AC/DC. Time Bomb is their sophmore release and it is an amazing album, and it shows that not all bands around today have no talent. This album is very raw and rockin’ but the songs are very well written and performed. On this album they managed to expand on the sound of their first album but still stick to what they know. This album is full of upbeat metal songs such as Frontside, Porno Star, Underneath, Slammin’, Slit My Wrists, Fall, and the first single Ridin’. There are also a few slower ballad like songs such as, (Segue)Helpless, You, and the hidden song. In my opinion the best song on the album is the rocker Whiskey in the Morning, this is such a great song. For fans of non polised straight forward metal this album is for you, but for anyone else you should check it out but no guarentees you’ll like it

    Posted on November 25, 2009