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Time Will Fuse Its Worth

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  • I was expecting to be mindblown by this record. I am in a post metal mode right now, buying stuff like Intronaut and The Ocean, etc. Kylesa was supposed to dazzle. Two drummers. Despite all that, sounds like rear end to me.

    Posted on March 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • OK, this album is outstanding: heavy, trippy, varied, and perfectly crafted. Thankfully,the guys in this band are punks, or at least como from the anarchocrust scene, as far as I know, so everything they have created since their inception drips with organic honesty, vegetarian style! Now, that’s something to take into account considering the sad, sad shape of music today: everything pre-fab, everything fitting into a nice, stupid mold. Kylesa, along with a handful of contemporary bands, have the exact amount of finesse, progressiveness and brutal power to keep me from going nuts in these high-tech, plastified, posmodern, cell-phone/internet-addictive world… I read somewhere that their influences range from death metal and hardcore to krautrock, and, yeah, they sound like it. In other albums they’ve included acoustic stuff not too dissimilar to what glorious bands such as Agitation Free or Amon Duul 2 did in their day. Yeah, not as crazy,not as schizo or experimental, but the hippy vibe is doubtlessly there. I’m sorry if such comparisons offend you, reader: It’s true, maaan! And after all, most anarchopunks are kinda like radical hippies or yippies (haircuts notwithstanding), so I feel my description is not waaay off the mark. And I love Kylesa for that. This time around, though, they’ve concentrated on a certain stonerish heavyness at times verging on pulverizing metal, yet thankfully without the macho posturing and the right-wing leanings displayed by lots of modern, crew-cut heavy metal bands. In other words, this band has had me drooling since I discovered them, and, for example, I wouldn’t waste my time nor my money on, say, Mastodon, Job for a Cowboy or some trendy black metal idiocy!
    What do they sound like? Hmmm, let’s see: probably The Obsessed meets Neurosis meets Fugazi meets Cathedral meets Pink Floyd (not post-rock bands, though!)meets Nausea or Antischism! And yes, one must admit there’s a bit of good old Judas Priest-isms in there (the middle part in “Ignoring Anger”, for example), but it all adds up to some great rocking music… Having said all this, though, I have one complaint: how come a band that releases vinyl versions on punk-as-all-hell labels such as Havoc cares for MTV airplay??!! Really, check out their site, guys: there it is, in all its glory: a plead to all the fans in order to vote them into MTV’s Headbangers ball rotation, I mean, to increase their video rotation, since they’re already there!! C’mon, gal and guys: who cares?? Do you really want to be shopping mall staples? Let me just warn you: that kind of ’success’ lasts as long as suburbuan puberty, which isn’t a whole lot of time… Let me end with one quote from a song included in this otherwise classic album: “Life in a system starts with infancy/you are sold what to believe/you are told what to perceive/media feeds complacency/market breeds all consumig youth”, etc.- you get the picture… does a great band like Kylesa really want to be a part of that? What’s next? a tour with Metallica or the Rolling Stones sponsored by some Cola company? Do you really think it’s going to change the Ozzfest’s audience minds? OK: thanks for reading. Now buy this album, before it’s too late!

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • i like this record even more than fellow georgia rockers, mastodon’s blood mountain.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Kylesa is a band with a solid range of underground influnces that really make their approach come out in their style (sounds odd, but I think that it makes sense). This album seems to take a punk rock approach to dirty crunch rock…on the surface or via word of mouth- but there is a wide range of music in this record. They seem to be what punk is thought to be, or what hardcore may have been, but they are more like the Suicide of our day. Different. Underground. Their last one hit at some of this variation. ‘Bottom line’ had something of an old school hardcore vibe, with a nice lead at the end; it showed a nice mix in influence. Time Will Fuse its Worth takes Kylesa to their next step with great tone, and a wall of sound behind it. I think people mistake their sound for tempo, but still to be applied are some of their labels. Fans of drone music may agree that this album sounds sludgy, but it is really very groovy. Their tone is rock solid as are the vocals, the lyrics. They are progressing to a sound that has no pinnacle. They can go on as long as they would like and this album contains the heavy, dirty sound that makes music enthralling. Time Will Fuse its Worth has riffs; thick, huge riffs. Real riffs are the saving grace of heavy music. The songs flow so well and are so enjoyable for their elements, that one will seek the bands that Kylesa’s members call inspirations to dig some more good tunes. It contains that much.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now