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  • Clad in trenchcoat & tophat, the spechtre of King Diamond returns again, to drive his fans insane with chords of madness, & arcane lyrics sung in ghostly rapture. TIME gives us a witch’s brew of eclectic ingredients, which are the morbid tales which float through our darkened chambers. A skull glowers from the shadows at us. The lyrical banshee spins & recounts lost stories that stretch forth across the ages. One of the more admirable elements King conjures, besides the music itself, is the usage of forgotten historical events that transpired in those olden days of superstition. He investigates what has become occult from memory, & gives it new life by putting it to song. A true artist. TIME contains eleven splendid tracks which makes one feel like one is sitting “round a balefire under the full moon in the forest, listening to the haunting metal sounds of the night.

    Posted on December 27, 2009