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  • After the reunion of Mercyful Fate in ‘93, it seems the boys had so much fun back together, another album was therefore released. “Time” is a pleasant surprise. it’s very basic in its approach. It’s not meant to be a “Don’t Break the Oath”-type release, but just a simple heavy metal album that get’s its point out with trying to impress us. D’Angelo does a nice job of filling in for Timi Hansen. But the biggest surprise is Snowy Shaw. After rumored to not have actually played the drums the King Diamond album, “The Eye”, and missed the studio session for Fate’s “In the Shadows”, fans finally get to hear Shaw perform. And the drums do shine! And this is the only Diamond/Fate album he’s on(except for the Mercyful Fate mini-Live disc, “The Bell Witch”). Shermann and Denner are brilliant as ever, and king, well, he’s the King! Songs such as “Nightmare Be Thy Name”, “Angel of Light”, “Witch’s Dance”, “Time”, and “Mirror” really stand out. A nice basic metal for old school headbangers.

    Posted on December 27, 2009