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Timeline (3CD/DVD)

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  • Pretty awesome dealie for Ayreon fans who are willing to put out the money for a set of mostly-already-released material. The package is in a box similar to the THE special edition, and comes with 3CDs and a DVD in slipcases, a small poster containing a layout of the core Ayreon story, and a nice informative booklet. The only thing really new, music-wise is the final song, “Epilogue.” Even the DVD is a compilation of stuff that’s mostly previously released, but it’s nice to have it all in one spot, and with some quality menus and such.

    I’d imagine this release would be desired by hardcore fans only.
    Pre-orders were signed by Arjen.

    DVD includes:
    - “The Stranger Within” animation
    - “Valley of the Queens” (Star One live)
    - “Isis and Osiris” (Star One live)
    - “The Two Gates” (Star One live)
    - The Human Equation teaser
    - “Day 11: Love” video (THE promo)
    - “Come Back to Me” music video
    - “Loser” music video (Star One version) (previously unreleased)
    - “Farside of the World” animation
    - “Back on Planet Earth” animation
    - Actual Fantasy Revisited featurette
    - Stream of Passion concert footage: “Computer Eyes,” “Day 1: Vigil,” “Day 3: Pain,” “Castle Hall”
    - 01011001 release party/performances (previously unreleased), contains clips of from that album plus “Childhood,” “Castle Hall,” “Valley of the Queens” (alfresco), etc.
    - “Beneath the Waves” animation
    - 01011001 teaser
    - “Epilogue: The Memory Remains” featurette (previously unreleased)

    PS – For the lose: editing out the best part of “Age of Shadows.”
    PPS – The singer on the new song is amazing.
    PPPS – For the win: subtle difference in “Back on Planet Earth.” :)

    Posted on February 27, 2010