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To Mega Therion

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  • True Metal. 100,000,000% metal. In many of my reviews concerning Metal albums, I usually save some space to trash the current so called “nu-metal” trend/travesty, but here, I won’t bother. You have only to listen to this disk and you’ll realize that this is INFINITELY cooler than any Limp Bizkit/Mudvayne/POD/Slipknot/Linkin Park cd you might own. The music can be described in one word. Apocalyptic. Yes, this is the music of Armageddon. Simultaneously Medieval and Futuristic. Barbaric and cruel, yet containing a sophisticated, poetic “artsy-ness”. Heavy beyond belief. And utterly DARK. I would definitely put Tom Warrior up there with Tony Iommi and others as one of the Great Riffmeisters. And his voice! Sure it’s a gruff bark, but I’ve never heard that vocal style used with such emotion and commanding authority. Like the booming voice of Thor as he thunders through the sky throwing his lightening and waging war with the frost giants. Not all the music on this album is fast and furious. About half of the time CF actually takes the music on a slower, plodding path, only to suddenly burst forth in a fury. They knew the value of creating atmosphere and feeling rather than pure speed. The lyrics are obviously influenced by horror/fantasy writers such as Lovecraft/Howard/Derleth etc… Listen to any Darkthrone or Obituary album to see how influential this band is. This album even pioneered symphonic Metal as well as black metal, with it’s use of horns and kettle drums. This seemed a bit odd at the time, but it completely enhanced the dark epic sound. So, if you consider yourself a True Metal fan, you simply cannot live without this cd. Nor can you live without their debut Morbid Tales, or the follow up to TMT, Into The Pandemonium.

    Posted on February 17, 2010