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To Mega Therion

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  • I consider Celtic Frost one of the biggest influences of the “Death Metal” scene period. They had more raw power, and more dreamy-evil than any band during it’s time. They were completely over the top with this release….A MUST!!There is not one single song on here that wont scare the **** out of you. That’s what kept me coming back to it, and eventually turned me into a Frost fan. They are so unpredictably cool. Talk about chilling!!!When I first heard this, I was a long-hair headbanger kid who loved bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest…..Frost was a complete change for me. I first had it on tape, and this tape was no ordinary tape….It called to me. This is some of the most possessive music ever made by anybody. I know, and love good “Death Metal”, but this is something from beyond the doors of the dark. It stands alone, along with Morbid Tales/Emperors Return, I consider them two of the most important releases in the history of “Death Metal”….Back in the mid-80’s, there was nothing even close to this when it comes to darkness. This is nothing short of genius.Even today, this is very enjoyable. My personal favorite DM band from the 80’s no doubt. Celtic Frost will unchain the wild beast that lurks inside of you, and all of us. Give it a shot, and if you don’t like it, just wait, it’ll be back in your head before you know it…..YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN FAIR WARNING.Frost Rules!!!!

    Posted on February 17, 2010