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To the Nameless Dead

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  • this is a great release! Primordial really raised the bar for themselves on this one. if there is one criticism, it would be the new vocal stylings are too similar from song to song, but if you like it as much as i do, you’ll be able to get into it with no problems.
    what i am annoyed with is how the U.S. labels ALWAYS screw us fans over by not including the “bonus” materials that are available in/on the European version(s). this release should have included a 2nd “Live” CD… but METAL BLADE U.S. is too busy pushing talentless mall-core/un-metal junk instead of delivering the goods with the better bands they license over to the U.S. market from Metal Blade DE.
    a BIG ZERO STARS for Metal Blade US! a label who could have fueled the scene instead of snuffing it.
    (MB U.S. has also stopped promoting their European licenses to internet radio stations… in favor of talentless U.S. mall-core/un-metal)

    Posted on December 26, 2009