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To the Nameless Dead

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  • All the reviews on this page are spot on; Primordial has quickly become one of my favorite bands. The songs are spectacular and epic: lots of acoustic passages, very, very catchy riffs, and somehow, without keyboards/synths, they manage to convey that folky feel. As another reviewer says, Nemtheanga has really shone on this album. His vocals are haunting and passionate.

    Another tidbit for people who can’t stand black metal / death metal vocals: This album only has clean vocals! Yes, Primordial started out as BM, and their recent albums still have some gruff vocals, but for some reason, there are none in this album (which in no way means that they’re selling out!).

    This album was my introduction to Primordial, and I was hooked from my first listen. You should get it if you like folk metal (or even folk rock.. it’s really good); and you MUST get it if you’re Irish (when I listen to ‘Heathen Tribes’, I wish I was Irish).

    Recommended for fans of: Agalloch, Moonsorrow, Falkenbach, Windir, Bathory.
    Recommended songs: Heathen Tribes, Traitors Gates (that’s just 2 for you to sample, but the whole CD is equally good).

    Go get it!

    Posted on December 27, 2009