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To the Pain

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  • quickly after the release of “recoil”,nonpoint is ready to destroy again with “to the pain”.with lackluster sales of the last cd,nonpoint was removed from the lava records roster and signed on with beiler brothers, allowing for a more pummeling record-this is the fourth label in 4 albums.the album explodes all around with crazy frantic drumwork by big man robb.andys guitar riffs sear thru the cd and elias is heard screaming the way he always used to back in the “statement” days.kb,who now goes by b*****d,grumbles throughout the cd on the bass.they experiment alot with new styles, including lots of salsa with maracas,ska on “explain yourself”,a techno feel on the instrumental “rendishen”,lots of punk and hardcore feels on tracks like “explain myself” and “skin”.theres even some rap on “alive and kicking”,taking you back to when rapcore was hot and when nonpoint were cream of the crop.this album,although not commercially aimed for huge success shows nonpoint doing what they do best-avoidng the norm of rock music and creating a fierce cd with no strings just plain kicks some behind and then some.the production owns,everything is rock solid.if you dont get this album,you are missing one of the cds of the year.superb work

    Posted on February 11, 2010