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Tokyo Tapes

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  • …if you are more into the hard rock thing as opposed to the power ballad ’80s type thing. There ARE some great ballads, as with all Scorpions CDs, but when it comes to hard rock, this is cream of the crop (as are “Strangers In the Night” by UFO and “One For The Road” by the Kinks, both of which also include lovely ballads…).

    Indeed, if you must have “Polar Nights”, (and it IS a great Uli song), purchase “Taken By Force” (remaster) and ALSO get a good version of “Suspender Love” (studio). While “Virgin Killer” is their greatest studio CD, by far, “Taken By Force” is good, especially with “Polar Nights” to round out “Tokyo Tapes”.

    ‘Nuff said, “Tokyo Tapes” is the ultimate Scorpions CD, with great performances from every member of the band, AND ALSO one of the greatest audiences ever captured on CD. They loved the Scorpions, and so will you, once you listen to this CD a few times, and perhaps if they tour again, who knows? WAKE UP CALL: The Scorpions should tour with Rudolph, Mattias, AND Uli on guitars, and have UFO open with 2 hours of their finest, featuring, of course, Michael Schenker. THAT would be 4+ hours of the greatest hard rock ever. “Steamrock fever, in Tokyo Bay!” Dig it, it’s great!!! (Then buy “Virgin Killer” it’s a must). Please read other Scorpions reviews for the history and personnel of the band, and for song-by-song analyses. I generally either like a CD in its entirety, or I don’t. “Tokyo Tapes” and “Virgin Killer” are CDs I can always listen to beginning to end and love every song.

    Posted on January 22, 2010