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Tokyo Tapes

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  • This is the last album to feature the fantastic Uli Jon Roth on lead guitar. All their classics are here except for Catch Your Train, Sails of Charon and Polar Nights which was transferred to the CD-version of In Trance.Roth, serious as always about his music and lyrics, left the band after this album because the other members intended to change directions and become a more straight-forward-no-message-included rock act. So if you’re the “Roth” kind of person when it comes down to hard rock this is probably the best Scorpions CD on the market. Good sound quality and enthusiastic playing. A pity they didn’t leave out the rock ‘n’ roll medley so Polar Nights could ‘ve been included. And for those who aren’t german out there: don’t worry about Klaus Meine’s english pronunciation on this earlier recording, it’s not worse than it is today , haha !

    Posted on January 23, 2010