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Tomb of the Mutilated

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  • WARNING-This is just an example of what the pethetic,follow the crowd,think they know what they are saying,big shot that give death metal a bad name people say-in no way is this making fun of Cannibal Corpse but making fun of TRL fan losers(i love C C!!)- ” Yo guys!! Wut is up in here? Cool yo!! Yo i was tripping out when i started to hear this music a playing in my crib yo and it sounded weird and different yo and not popular you know what i’m saying? So i decided it wasn’t on TRL or rap or anything popular so i just like dissed it you know i’m saying. Yo this isn’t cool like me or popular music. Popular music is supposed to be repetitive and not musically talented or anything good that has to do with popular music like Limp Bizkit. Yo they just keep rolling and throwing out those pointless and stupid lyrics and same old un technical easy riffs 4eva dog!! Yo another cool one is Linkin Park!! Dude…these guys are so bad they make me want to hide and shiver. Yo they are so bad with their slow riffs and piano riffs in their songs and they are so bad they jump on stage!! How wild and rebelious is that?!? Yo!! Cannibal Corpse wishes that they were as bad as the bizket with there chocolate starfish and other food products and linkin park with their piano slow music!!!Yo Cannibal Corpse wishes they were that bad even though Liberman and Dole tried to get them banned in the USA,and they are banned from playing Germany,and are banned in New Zealand and 2 other countries. They wish they were as bad as them!Yo either you like popular music or you don’t and you aren’t cool know what i’m saying? So please don’t listen to anything with music that is hard to play or wit vocal notes that are very challenging to make and sound good and not boring or want to put you to sleep. So please listen to cool stuff that is so bad and rebelious and makes you a gang member and if someone plays C C…kindly ask them to turn it down a skotch. Peace yall! I’m outta here to listen to some Korn!!Wow!!!Wow this is loud and bad!O that guitar work is so good!!Over and over again low riffs!!1 I love it!!!! Peace!!!Tu Pac lives!!!!”-sorry i had to show you that embarrissing mess.Got to go burn some Drowning Pool and Limp Bizket cds outside with my friends!!Say no to lame music!!Later.

    Posted on December 12, 2009