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Tomb of the Mutilated

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  • Wow. Never would I think that the Cannibal Corpse review pages would be infested by total idiots. You people sicken me. You write a negative review for every Cannibal Corpse record, complaining about how gross, vile, and disgusting it is. You, obviously, have no life, because Cannibal Corpse is happy that you hate them, and are probably laughing at all of you right now. If you want a review for this particular album, then skip a few paragraphs down. But, for the kiddies who bash Cannibal Corpse, don’t skip anything. Because you obviously need schooling on death metal, because even though you think you know the sub-genre, you don’t. Bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden are not death metal. And I am going to settle this now. Cannibal Corpse isn’t the most talented band in death metal, but they deserve a lot more respect then they get. Also, they never claimed to being the best death metal band ever. They just play what they like and enjoy what they do, and that is making music.

    These guys do not mean what they say. If you went around doing the stuff that Cannibal Corpse describes in their music, they would be arrested. These guys don’t have serious criminal tracts. So, if they aren’t doing the stuff they describe in their songs, then it is obviously made-up. Death metal is not about the lyrics. It’s about the music. The vocals and lyrics are just there to add shock value, which Corpse is great at, because we got idiots reviewing the album who think this is real. Shock value has been used for awhile now, yet Cannibal Corpse has perfected it by being the first to implement the most wrong things ever to tape. Some of their album covers, most notably 1991’s “Butchered At Birth” and 1992’s “Tomb Of The Mutilated”, were pulled off shelves and replaced by simple, white-background covers with the band name and album name in red (at least Butchered…I don’t know about Tomb). The obscene song titles and even worse than obscene lyrics is the reason these guys are the top-selling death metal band ever, and also the reason they are still making albums now.

    To say that these guys have no talent makes me want to slap them silly. First off, Jack Owen and Pat O’Brian are excellent guitarists. If you know anything about death metal, you would know that this stuff is very hard. Just take a look at some of the tabs from their later work. You losers who say this band has no talent could never pull this off. Bassist Alex Webster is a monster, and if you deny that, then I will destroy you. He has excellent bass-lines and amazing solos every once in a while. He is still today one of my favorite bassists. Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz is another great death metal drummer. He has amazing double pedal work, and should definitely be looked into if you are a drummer. So, you got two great guitarists, one of the best bassists ever in metal and a monster drummer, who play extremely technical stuff at high-speeds. Chris Barnes was a good vocalist, and his replacement George Fisher is even better. You morons complain about the vocals. I think that if they tried to sing over the chaos in the background, it would sound pretty bad. Also, at least the Barnes years, the vocals were mostly incomprehensible, which is a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

    But the thing that angers me the most is the people who say about fans. Come on. They say that we Corpse fans can’t get laid, can’t get a girlfriend, like the lyrics, and other stuff that is so stupid that I am not going to repeat it. First off, I have a steady girlfriend and I do not have a fetish to (…) to the lyrics of Cannibal Corpse. Sure, there are some fans who worship this band and are sick necropedohomobestialiacs, but that is with every band. Also, with some idiots saying that Cannibal Corpse fans are violent, angry, dumb 19 year old unemployed losers in Kreator t-shirts, I must correct that. Every Corpse fan I know is really down-to-earth, intelligent and really has an open-mind. Unlike the angsty Slipknot 666 fan who has a hemorrhage because he couldn’t stay up past his bedtime. If you can’t realize these points, then I have given up. Sure, most of you will contue on and on and the fight will continue, but whatever. The lyrics, as ridiculous as the song titles, can be quite disturbing and hard to digest, but are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Come on…really. If you take a song like “I *** Blood” seriously, then I really pity your soul.

    Okay, THE ALBUM REVIEW finally. While “Tomb Of The Mutilated” cannot come close with the other Barnes releases, it sure beats the hell out of the 1996-2003 years of Cannibal Corpse. The band released the highly-controversial “Butchered At Birth” a year before in 1991, (I think you could figure out what that album was about), and because of this garnered some mainstream attention with their disturbing, violent lyrics. But, instead of recycling the same gore-ridden lyrics, they added something that no band really touched before, and that was the song topics of the big “R” word. Starting with the ridiculous album cover of a male and female zombie having “fun”, the song titles indicate this album is going to be one helluva ride. With over the top song lyrics and titles, Cannibal Corpse became “mainstream” through politicians, censorship programs and even Jim Carrey. While not their best, this album was important for the band, with some great, memorable riffs to keep you headbanging for a while.

    The album starts off with “Hammer Smashed Face” and “I *** Blood”. Both songs are fan favorites, and still their most popular live acts. Both songs have great riffs, intense drumming and even a bass solo in “Hammer…”. “Addicted To (…) Skin”, “Split Wide Open”, and the most disturbing song ever written, “Necropaedophile”, all add a ton of shock value, but these songs do not add up to really anything memorable. These are the filler songs, really just there for people to go “they really said that?”. Actually, “Split Wide Open” is alright. “The Crypic Stench” is another great, lesser known song. Then, the best song title ever, “Entrails Ripped…” and so forth. Not their most memorable song, but that song title just makes you think…Next, “Post Mortal (…)” (which is sounding pretty tame compared to everything else) is next, followed by the death metal classic “Buried In The Backyard”. These songs are also amazing, and cap off a pretty good album by Cannibal Corpse.

    To cap this review off, this album is essential for any death metal fan or any person wanting to get into the quality death metal out there. Not for the weak, and certainly not for the people who can’t take life with an open mind. The reissue, along with “Eaten Back To Life” and “Butchered At Birth”, was remastered in 2002, and an added live song is at the end of each of those albums. If you own the original, then you might just want to invest in the reissue. The reissue’s artwork is either tweaked a little in terms of intensity or brightness. All four original Chris Barnes albums were banned in Germany and some other places, but the ban was pulled in June 2006. There is also one single off this album, and that is “Hammer Smashed Face”, which was released as an EP with two covers of Possessed and Black Sabbath.

    Posted on December 12, 2009