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Tonight the Stars Revolt!

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  • Well, its been a long haul for PM5K, but they finally broke into the mainstream with “Tonight The Stars Revolt!”. I was optimistic about buying it, but after hearing samples of the record I thought I would get it. I was glad I did, its a good record. Starting off the record is a reading of the big-brothery poem “An Eye Is Upon You”, followed by the hard hitting “Supernova Goes Pop”. If you ask me, I think the song would’ve sounded better if they combined the first two tracks. The next track is “When Worlds Collide” the first single, and a crowd pleaser. Effects from B-Grade movies are spliced in, giving the song a creepy bad science fiction movie (a weird voice saying “you are a robot”). Nobody’s Real, the bands second single, is a good techno-metal song, with weird beeps that go back and forth to start the song off, so make sure you have stereo sound so you catch it. It seems to me the rest of the CD is slower. I don’t like the other half as much, since it strays from the first half’s heavy side, but it stays with the theme of the album- be paranoid, you’re being watched. Automatic gives a nice refresher. At times, Spider One sounds shockingly similar to Marilyn Manson, but then again PM5K doesnt sing about blasphemy and death. This CD is worth the 15 bucks, so go out and get it.

    Posted on February 12, 2010