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Tonight the Stars Revolt!

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  • Stepping out of the rap-metal sounds of their minor label releases, Powerman 5000 came onto the scene with their hit “When Worlds Collide”. In reality, when this album was released, two worlds collided: the real world and the world of Powerman 5000.Vocalist Spider One (brother of former White Zombie, now solo singer Rob Zombie) sets the eerie and angry mood with his imaginative, science fiction-type lyrics and vocals, ranging from deep singing/rapping to violent bursts of yelling. For this album, the band became a two guitar assault of hard hitting metal power chords, courtesy of guitarists M33 and Adam 12. Backing them are bassist Dorian, who bass lines rock the set, and drummer Al, who pounds away and rocks it behind the kit. With a change in their sound, style and look, the band pumped out rough metal songs with odd inventive tones and lyrical imagery.The first actual song, Supernova Goes Pop, is a small insight into the power of the album. This song is hard and just in-your-face. When Worlds Collide is the song everyone knows with its anthem-like chorus and awesome riffs. Nobody’s Real is a bit different from the first two tracks, seeing as it is not as hard. It has more of an electronic and robotic feel than a hard, metal edge but the drumming is awesome and the vocals and lyrics are great. Tonight The Stars Revolt is another hard-edged song in the formula of the first 2 tracks with a lot of fire behind it. The next three tracks follow suit, supply thick riffs and harsh rhythm. Blast Off To Nowhere is one of the best tracks on the album. Starting off with some great drumming and Spider singing, the song explodes into a screamfest Spider and brother Rob Zombie. This is an awesome track with a whole lot of energy. They Know Who You Are is a creep quiet track that picks up loud during the chorus. Good Times Roll, a cover of the Cars’ song, is another one of the best songs on the album. Its not as hard as the other tracks but the song is definitely incredible and would make a great anthem for live shows. The last track, Watch The Skies For Me, is extremely slow, sounding like elevator-music. Its a very odd song and I still can’t understand why its on here.Powerman 5000 is an awesome group, out to play some hard-edged metal music with some creative sounds infused with madness and imagination. This album marks the beginning of a new style for the band and only time will tell where they will go from here. This album is for fans of older PM5K works, fans of “nu-metal” as well as fans of White Zombie and solo Rob Zombie.

    Posted on February 13, 2010