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Tool - Parabola

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  • I desperately wanted this and Schism when I discovered they would be made available to the average joe. Tool is a band I consider my favorite and thus far, I have yet to be disappointed by any of their releases. Salival was interesting and somewhat satisfying for completists or die-hard fans. It was unfulfilling as I wanted more like a better DVD menu layout and maybe more songs like b-sides and more live stuff. Regardless, I was excited to get more Tool with Parabola and Schism. I have always thought that Lateralus warranted more than two videos, but whatever. I could at least get what was available.

    Boy, was I disappointed when I made it home. I watched the videos, tried to watch the commentary (but became bored) and listened to the overlong, repetitive remixes. If the remixes were available on CD and the videos on a seperate DVD in one package for 10 bucks I would have been a little more satisfied. Instead, I dropped 20 bucks on something I will never watch or listen to again. For those who were disappointed by the lack of material available on the filler; Salival, you will feel even more cheated. I don’t think Tool was even involved in the process of creating these sets. I can’t sit here like some people and rave about how amazing this set is or how Tool came through again. I honestly loathe these releases and I am frankly appauled at the value.

    Posted on December 22, 2009