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Tool - Parabola

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  • This doesnt deserve 1 star. I spent 20 bucks on this and the schism cd. And what do you get? Nothing. One video…not even all of the videos they’ve made on the cd…just one. Oh but then, you get the joy of listening to comentary with some jerk-off, who has nothing interesting or valuable to say about anything “I remember one time I had a beer with tool. Neat.”
    But then you get to listen to the remix…which sounds like somthing a highschool student could have put together.
    Tool has been my favorite band for quite some time now, and I’d just like to thank them for crapping all over their fanbase by releasing this garbage. Download 2 of their music videos and you’ll have more than this dvd can offer.

    Posted on December 22, 2009