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Tool - Parabola

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  • I’ll start off with saying the video for Parabola is very interesting (as are all of Tool’s videos) and that is why I was compelled to get this DVD. I wanted the video for my own collection and was also excited to see the “bonus features.”

    The only good thing I can say other than what I just did is that this was bought for me as a present, so I didn’t waste any money on it.

    Now to the bad. You have a menu that gives you the option of the video, a remix of the song, and the commentary. I decided to try the remix first. Most. Boring. Thing. Ever. My boyfriend and I were watching it, and for like, the first three or four minutes it’s basically nothing, then it changes a tiny bit, making us think it would actually get good, and then it ends. We were pretty disappointed. But not to worry! We still can watch the commentary and get an insightful look into the video and what it’s about! NO. As someone else described him, it’s some jerk-off who has no business commenting on anything Tool does because based off what he says in the commentary (e.g. “here come the grapes of doom”) I find it hard to believe he even understands any of their songs. In summation, I thought this would be cool to have being a hardcore Tool fan, but you really shouldn’t bother. You end up irritated at how big a disappointment it is.

    Posted on December 23, 2009