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Tool: Vicarious

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  • Well to start off I was thinking they were gonna show the vicarious video that is already been shown online. I was wrong, very wrong, the new video is a step up from previous Tool videos in technology and visual art. As in all Tool videos it makes unnerving visuals seem normal in Adam Jones’s view of art. The extras are fantastic, their is a biography of the video and a nice background of Adam Jones’s previous work on his art in some visuals for film and Tool albums. Also the feature CoSm is a display of a museum in New York inspired by Tool and art for 10,000 Days. The commentary for the video is by comedian David Cross, which is pretty funny as he pokes fun at himself and the visuals of the vicarious video. The packaging of the DVD comes with stereo scopic lenses to make Jones’s art three dimensional as it was in 10,000 Days. All in all Tool has provided a great piece of work for fans to speculate and put on the shelves next to 10,000 Days.

    Posted on January 19, 2010