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Tool: Vicarious

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  • Packaging is just like 10,000 days pkg w/ magnifying glass cover to view pieces of still shots included inside. Adam jones & alex grey created another surreal world w/ imagery only yourself can comprehend. Some lightly animated Grey art from net of being shows up along w/ some eerie creatures. You get a tour of Alex grey’s art museum, some behind the scenes interviews w/ people who know Adam and how he got involved in art. Guest commentary is by David cross but not too much funny really happens since he claims that he has not even heard the song and is just trying to ‘comment’ on a surreal video. It’s still alot of $ to spend on one video (they can fit all their latest vids on one dvd easily from the past couple of albums. Check out the Parabola vid from Tool . For some reason i like that one better then this video.

    Posted on January 19, 2010