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  • When the words dark, melodic, metal are used there are a few bands that rise up to the top of the list and with the release of “Torn”, Evergrey , once again fails to disappoint. Having taken a slight but astounding departure in production and sound with the prior release Monday Morning Apocalypse, one would think it might be a difficult task to outdo that impressive cd. However, Englund proves that theory wrong by not only vocally delivering each lyric with on the spot energy and passion but turning the knobs with drummer Jonas Ekdahl and self producing “Torn”. The result–for the tried and true Evergrey fan you’ll find comfort in the similarities to seminal releases like “Search of Truth” and “Recreation Day” but don’t expect a rehash. Evergrey continues to evolve with each cd, managing to forego that pit so many other metal bands fall into–formula. With the new addition of bassist Jari Kainulainen, the overall backbone sound of Jari and Jonas has a bit of an innovative feel to it–it’s easy to recognize that Kainulainen has no problems playing in the pocket and flavors “Torn” with his own signature sound. As is to be expected by Evergrey, there are no fillers, each track is a standout, with “Soaked”, “Still Walk Alone” and “These Scars” being standouts. If “this” is what being torn feels like, grab a seam ripper asap because “Torn” is at the end of 11 tracks what metal/prog should aspire to be.

    Posted on March 6, 2010