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  • in 2006 Evergrey released a album called “monday morning apocalipse”, and for the first time Evergrey Dissapointed me. What i found on that album were repetitive song structures, and very listener friendly arrangements. There was a handful of good songs, but not enough…

    Now Evergrey Return in 2008 with their new album “torn”, and im happy to say Evergrey are back! This is perhaps one of Evergrey’s best albums yet. It’s like all their eairlyer albums mixed in one, but heavier, and Darker. The songwriting is back to the strong dramatic quality of Evergrey. This album is also more progressive than all their eairlyer albums. The guitar playing is at its best, and the Vocals are amazing. I expecally love the lyrics on this album. They are lyrics are the kind you can truely relate to. My only real complaint is the Production of this album. The production seems compressed, and the highs are too low. it just seems a bit muddy. That’s a disappointment because evergrey always had great production to their albums.
    other than that i could not be happyer!

    one of the best metal albums of 2008 don’t pass it up!

    Posted on March 6, 2010