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Total Brutal

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  • This album was developed purely as an amusing tribute to the movies of Arnie, brutal breakdowns, shredding solos (and yes, they are incredible solos!) and roaring vocals with singalong choruses. On this, it succeeds tremendously, Tim Lambesis shows huge talent and versatility and it is amazing to think he created each of these songs in only an hour! The Arnie impersonator perhaps needs to work on his act but I think the over the top, stereotypical impersonation actually enhances the comic value of the album!

    As for the haters who insist this is a rip off of Arnocorps, have you even listened to Arnocorps, crappy punk compared to brutal thrash/metalcore! Fact remains that yes, the whole album is a ripoff, of some extremely entertaining 80’s and 90’s movies, it’s a comedy album that happens to have talent, don’t make it out to somehow be offensive!! Grow a pair, get a a sense of humour and enjoy an extremely well done comedy album!

    Posted on November 12, 2009