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Touched by the Crimson King

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  • After buying and listening to their first released, I was thrilled when “Touched By The Crimson King” finally came out. For me, it was well worth the wait, for both of their other bands are my two favorites: Iced Earth (Jon Schaffer’s band) and Blind Guardian (Hansi’s Band). This release leans more over to Blind Guardian’s sound with just a touch of Iced Earth, while the first album sounded more like Iced Earth, yet still having a completely different sound than the two respective bands. This cd combines heavy thrash style metal with epic, choir like vocals, thus having a very strong B.G. feel to them. My personal favorites are: “Touched By The Crimson King”, “Love’s Tragedy Asunder” “Dorian”, and “Down Where I Am”. Overall, this is a great release for anyone who is a fan of Iced Earth or Blind Guardian, and highly recommended to new fans of the two bands and also Metal in general.

    Posted on March 4, 2010