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  • In a year that has had radical ups and downs in the music industry, from the … of bands like Drowning Pool and Saliva. We’ve also gotten a handful of classic albums from some great bands (Radiohead, Opeth, Sigur Ros) and a few great surprizes (Fantomas, Primer 55) but Toxicity out shines all of them. System of a Down is the one band where you have to have diverse musical tastes to pin point their influences. Faith No More, Frank Zappa, and the obvious Middle Eastern themes are still present from their S/T debut, but with Toxicity they’ve also developed their own sound. The guitar work is magic, just amazing chord progressions through out the whole album. Daron also does a great job with back up vocals. From his high pitched croon to his death vocals, he contrasts Serj perfectly. Shavo’s bass work is great too, ranging from Tool like plucks to adding extra thickness to the guitars. The drumming is intense and pin point in every song too. Serj has turned into one of the best front men of the 90’s, his range is great. He uses a tiny bit of death vocals here and there but has one of the most original singing voices I’ve ever heard. Songs like ATWA, Deer Dance, Chop Suey!, and well just about all of them show off his variation too. He also writes some great lyrics ranging from political (Prison Song, Deer Dance) to hilarious (Bounce, Shimmy, Psycho) to powerful (Chop Suey!, Aerials) hey spouts off his variation in this field every chance he gets too.The album is nit together extremly well and has a certine amount of flow with it. Prison Song is a great opener with it’s great riffs and variation. Deer Dance is a stand out track with a cool message and a great ending. Jet Pilot shows of an almost thrash edge with cryptic lyrics. Chop Suey! is a good choice of single with it’s soft and heavy passages and even a tad of strings to it. Science has great guitars, and Psycho is one of the more interesting songs on the album. But the best songs are Aerials, ATWA, and Toxcity. ATWA has a very mellow pre chorus but has some of the heaviest moments on the cd with it’s chorus, and Aerials is just beautiful with rad lyrics and a cool outro. Toxcity has great lyrics and the as we come to expect great chorus. This is THE album which is going to influence the next generation of music. So go buy it now what’s keeping you?

    Posted on December 14, 2009