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Toys in the Attic

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  • Diverse, Fun, Edge filled and sharp yet smooth, “Toys” was a superb rock record of it’s day and still I feel, is one of the best overall albums that the band ever released.

    With a band that has now spanned 3 decades and split the end and beginning of two centuries, Their younger fans may not even be aware of their early recordings, nor care. Before playing at superbowls and being on the radio 24/7/365, Aerosmith was a raw, powerful rock band whose infectious music grabbed the torch from earlier rock bands of it’s generation, put it out, then relit it with an all out inferno. It was not about the hair, the boots, or the cosmetics…what made this band was strong songwriting, excellent guitar structured songs, and heavy drums. Aerosmith’s lineup is strong, and that made their music even stronger.

    THE ALBUM: Toys has the snarling pompous rockers “Walk this Way” and “Toys in the attic”. Now add the late teen/early 20’s anthem of “Sweet Emotion” with the lyrics that grab you by the shirt collar to say “You talk about things that nobody cares/ You’re wearing out things that nobody wears/You calling my name but I gotta make clear…I can’t say baby where I’ll be in a year”. The guitars of Joe Perry have their own world opened up to us with the highs and lows of “No more no more” and “Big Ten Inch Record”. Rounding out the nine song album is the powerful and sad sounding ballad “you see my crying” that features some great piano playing. If you haven’t listened to older Aerosmith, this is as good an album as any to start with!

    Posted on January 24, 2010