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  • Let me start by saying I have every DT album and bootleg,and have seen them live numerous times.Most of the time it takes a few listens of the album to gauge it.After 20 or so listens(It’s so good I can’t stop listening)I’ve decided that this is their best work to date.Being a huge metal fan, I must say this is the album I’ve been waiting for since “AWAKE”.This album has an in your face,take no prisoners vibe to it.From beginning to end it is a non stop roller coaster of brutal riffs,insane drums,keys and solos.The only breather here is the song “Vacant”which is a slow melodic track.There is no weak point on this album.So,if you like the metal side of DT most of you will love this.If not,don’t rip them for being too heavy because it was DT’s intent to produce a classic metal album,and that they have done,brilliantly. “Don’t Cross The Crooked Step”

    Posted on January 11, 2010