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  • When I was in high school I discovered Crimson Glory via an article in a metal magazine. Without ever hearing a note they’d ever played I special ordered the cassette. When it finally arrived and at last I heard what Crimson Glory had to offer I was not disappointed. “Transcendence” quickly became one of my favorite albums and I listened to it every day for a long time to come. After not hearing this album for 15 plus years and buying it on Amazon I am surprised at how much this album still holds up. Sure, Midnight, the lead singer’s voice is sometimes retro-shrill, but the man can hit some notes. The sound of this album is like no other. My only gripe is that my least favorite song, and the most commercial of the bunch “Lonely” is on this version of the album twice. In my opinion the title track “Transcendence” is the most timeless song on the album with thoughtful lyrics about life after death and at times almost Zeppelin-like sounding guitars. It’s not surprising to discover this album has become an underground power metal classic. With song topics ranging from an Edgar Allen Poe story (Masque of the Red Death), to dragons (Where Dragons Rule), to a fading queen of winter (Lady of Winter), this album will always remain a unique masterpiece of the genre.

    Posted on January 29, 2010