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Transformers: The Movie

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Fans around the world have clamored for a Transformers live-action movie for a long time. Now, directed by Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Rock and Bad Boys) and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, the sci-fi action-adventure flick Transformers, inspired by one of the most popular toy lines in history, is set to become the box office blockbuster of the summer.When a movie’s main selling point is that it’s really big and really loud, the soundtrack’s got to keep up. But oddly, this CD falls short–tellingly, the first single is a power ballad by the Goo Goo Dolls, ”Before It’s Too Late,” featuring the kind of emoting previously heard in Spider-Man’s ”Hero.” The album’s producers have mostly focused on arena guy rock circa 2007, with songs pulled from new or recent albums by the likes of Linkin Park or Taking Back Sunday. There should have been more tracks like the Smashing Pumpkins’ rumbling juggernaut, ”Doomsday Clock,” Disturbed’s compact ”This Moment” or the Used’s riff-a-rama ”Pretty Handsome Awkward.” Slightly surprising is the absence of electronics and hip-hop, the only exception (sort of) being Styles of Beyond’s ”Second to None,” which sounds like the Beastie Boys on EPO, and Julien-K’s ”Technical Difficulties.” While the big names are packed in the first two thirds of the CD, the last third serves as a showcase for upcoming bands (whose songs aren’t in the movie) that sound exactly like their elders–glossy, huge, based on big guitar riffs. In the end, all this aggro energy feels more cosmetic and corporate than authentic. –Elisabeth Vincentelli

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  • In the interests of internet honesty, can we in the future refrain from attaching the word “soundtrack” to collections of badly-done power chord glam rock that are “inspired by” the movie? When I saw the Transformers movie last night, I absolutely loved the haunting, majestic score by Steve Jablonsky. I wanted to BUY the haunting, majestic score by Steve Jablonsky.

    Instead I got this. This is not a good soundtrack album. It’s not even good MUSIC, and it certainly isn’t the music that played in the theater last evening.

    As another reviewer pointed out, where’s the music from the actual movie? This is yet another in a long line of annoying “inspired by” albums. Here’s a clue for the producers: people want to buy the music FROM the movie because we already HEARD it and LIKED it. It’s rather stupid of you to present to us a medley of music “similar to” or “inspired by” when we have actively searched for the specific music.

    Let’s see, annoying movies that have done this:

    Mortal Kombat (until the fans squealed and the full score was released two years after the fact.)
    Romeo Must Die

    And now this, the best movie so far of 2007. Certainly the best soundtrack I’ve experienced in the theater this year– and of course I can’t experience it anywhere else because some complete IDIOT decided not to include it on the “official” soundtrack album.

    Way to screw it up, guys! One star is a gift. (Next time, if you can’t put the score on the disk, at least find some decent MUSIC.)


    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I just came from the theater and wanted to order the OST by Steve Jablonsky (actually the most memorable thing about the whole movie), and all I found was this album. Perhaps the end credit song and a few other swiftly heard in the background are on this, and a lot of songs “inspired by” the movie. What is that, some record exec picked a few songs at random and put them on the album? Where is the original score?! I am saving my money until that get released… for all you others thinking the same thing I can highly recommend The Island in the meantime (also a Steve Jablonsky score of a Michael Bay film)

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Like many others here, I came looking for the “Transformers” score, only to find one in a line of yet another so-called “soundtrack” that is basically a sampler put out by a company to package well-known, established groups with lesser or unknown ones.
    Very few soundtracks these days even have songs that fit thematically, musically or lyrically into the film. I can only think of one recent soundtrack that does have songs that work as much as orchestral tracks (and that is “Miami Vice,” the Michael Mann movie). But back to “Transformers,” the score reminded me very much of the “Batman Begins” score composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, but with a little bit more punch. It sounded so mch like some of the “Batman Begins” tracks, that I thought Zimmer and/or Newton Howard were behind it.
    I wonder if the score will be released later on, as does happen.
    But, no, I’m not going to buy the latest record-company sampler, I prefer music that actually fits the name of the movie it resides under.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Where’s “Sexual Healing?” Where’s “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?” Where’s any of the other million songs that were actually used in the film?

    They’re not on this crap CD, which is full of “not in film” garbage. What a joke! I’m glad Target had this for only $9.99, which is still too much.

    Hopefully the “score” album is much better. It can’t be any worse.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Steve Jablonsky wrote the score for the new Transformers movie. You’ll hear his work all throughout the movie (along with the artists featured in this soundtrack). The score is absolutely outstanding, with powerful and emotional pieces that fit the scenes perfectly (for example, the music you hear whenever the Deceptions all finally mobilize for their big attack) but it begs the question: why isn’t any of it on this album? Out of all the artists on here, I only recognize three artists whose songs were featured in the film, none of which really impressed me with their presence.

    I’m not giving this CD 1 star because I dislike the bands on the album. I’m giving it 1 star because a lot of the most impressive pieces from the film have been ommitted from the soundtrack. I think for all the work Steve Jablonsky put into this movie (and how well it paid off), it’s a slap in the face not to include his work on the movie soundtrack. Thankfully I hear a separate score album is in the works by Jablonsky, and if that’s the case, I would highly recommend you save your money and hold out for that one.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now