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Transilvanian Hunger

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  • This is BM in its rawest and most evil form. If you were to enter the gates of hell I’m pretty sure that Transylvanian Hunger would be the music of choice. The production is intentionally bad and the songs are just plain raw and I mean raw. When I listen to Emperor, Mayhem and Burzum I can hear melodies and song structure but this album is straightforward and lacks any melodies. It’s just Euronymous-style necro-riffing with Dead-like vokills and repitition of that. The riffs you hear within the first 10 seconds are repeated throughout the entire song and the drum beats are carried on in the same manner. It’s basically the blueprint for true raw black metal. Some songs end abruptly or seem cut-off to add to the dark atmosphere. Nocturno Culto has the best black metal voice since Dead and still carries that today. The first four songs were written by Fenriz and the next four songs were written by Count Grishnackh. If there were anything darker than black metal this album would classify for that because this is absolutely primitive and sick music. Transylvanian Hunger could very well be the darkest black metal album of all time with Mayhem’s “Live In Leipzig” a close second along with Dark Funeral’s “Secret Of The Black Arts” and Burzum’s “Aske”. This is a true black metal classic album and 10 years on it still has no darker rival.

    Posted on February 11, 2010