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Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead

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  • This latest incarnation of Wednesday 13’s brand of horror rock is not as heavy as the Murderdolls but this cd kicks ass. Murderdolls had more of a metal sound with a punk edge. Transylvania 90210 has more of a rock n roll sound with a punk edge. This reminds me of what Alice Cooper sounded like in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Its an entertaining slab of horror-drenched rock n roll with a humorous twist. Right off the bat, if you liked Murderdolls then this album is for you. Its actually a little more somber in some songs and there are more keyboards used, which brings to mind the Alice Cooper comparison. The songs are catchy and silly so you pretty much know what to expect. My guess is this album wont do as good as Murderdolls but this is just as good. For fans of horror films and Rock N Roll. Highlight tracks include Rot For Me, Bad Things, Buried by Christmas, and especially I Want You…Dead…that song is killer(no pun intended)! Note: I heard Misfits comparisions and I have to clarify. I love the Misfits, new and old, and this album doesn’t sound like either! So I would sample first before just buying it if you are a Mifits fan. If you are like me and Halloween is everyday(even on Christmas!) then this album is for you! You get what you pay for with this album and thats ENTERTAINMENT!! This album is recommended. Long Live The Horror!!

    Posted on December 14, 2009