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Trial by Fire

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  • I mean, sometimes you read some reviews and you try to figure out who could write such incredible things. This is a really strong album in my opinion and if Steve Perry had a great responsability in the making, well honor to him because this is a fantastic release and come back album. Too bad Steve left the band again. Don’t have nothing with Augeri which sings well, but Perry is simply a legend. Going deep inside the album contents, in my opinion Trial by fire contains some true Journey classics. The first five tracks are perfect, simply perfect Journeyrama, love songs with a punch. Melody and energy. Perfect AOR. Then after those five songs obviously come some weaker songs but some other tunes are great too. Can’t tame the lion for example or the titletrack. Second this album sports incredible contributions from all the guys in the band, Schon and Cain for example are at the top of their game. They never sounded so right. Perry has simply the best voice around in this kind of music. He is always touching, soulful, he communicates. He is one of a kind. He’s magic. Maybe he cannot scream like he did in the past, so what? His voice is like a good old wine, it is fantastic to hear him still in the new millennium. In the end this album has tremendous quality in the sound department. It is recorded really really well, the overall sound is full, powerful but sophisticated. Guitars has been recorded in a fantastic way. I really love this album which for me is one of the best in the entire exceptional Journey discography. Steve Perry? .. well, his voice is simply fantastic.

    Posted on February 28, 2010