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  • This CD… has me feeling so… DOOOOOWWWWWNNNN. I’m a big Ryche fan. They’ve been my favorite band for a long time (ever since Warning). But I think this is their poorest effort yet. It seems that they have been on a steady downward slide their past three albums. HITNF, I think had some really great, powerful and memorable songs on it. but as a whole, just didn’t stand up to previous releases. Q2K, I thought, had some songs with potential, but just ended up sounding like background music (unfinished, or unfinnessed). My taste in music is pretty wide and varied. My hopes were high for Tribe. I really wasn’t looking for another Mindcrime or Empire, just something engaging and well-rounded that would make me not want to remove the CD from the player for a long time. I gave this album several listens before writing my conclusions. Sometimes Queensryche albums have to grow on you before you can fully appreciate them (I didn’t like Empire that much when it first came out, but now its one of my favorites). Tribe just doesn’t have the magic that their early stuff does. It doesn’t really matter to me what “style” they choose to continue to take this band, I just hope for at least one more album from Queensryche that gives me goose-bumps and raises the hair on the back of my neck once again with soaring, sonic landscapes and engaging lyrics. My opinion – save your money on this one and go get the new Evenessence. To me, this new band has captured the magic that the early Queensryche had that consistently sends chills down your spine. After one listen, I knew I loved this CD. Oh for the day when Rycheians can take hold of a new Ryche album, and with hand on heart scream in digital unison, “I remember now”.

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is an example of a band trying to experiment or evolve and taking it WAY too far. This album is simply boring and lackluster. The band simply seemed to run out of ideas and inspiration. It’s an album of nothing but filler material start to finish. I’m glad I heard this before going out to buy it. This is the reason why downloading should be legal. You should be able to sample the goods before putting your money down. My faith in this once great band is going down the drain.

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  • I’m surprised to see the width of favorite songs from this one.Myself, I had no expectations but just had to give this one a try, ’cause come one, it’s f—ing Queensrÿche, Degarmo or not!OPEN is, after about 30 listenings, a good song, but by no means my pick for a first single. The verse is grounded with a BIG riff and is more than ok with Geoff sounding a bit oriental but when the chorus steps in the song looses it’s momentum. But as soon as it sets in to verse-mode again, it’s almost a brilliant song! Just wish there would be a solo after the great base/guitar bridge. Great lyrics! Some think it’s just another atempt of telling people to open their eyes/minds but to me it’s a major kick in the balls to world-leaders telling them to do the same. Wich makes all the difference in the world to me…I think we all know which world leaders I’m thinking about!LOSING MYSELF is, like so many before me has pointed out, a perfect pic for a Geoff Tate solo album. Also lacks a bit of the theme from the rest of the album, lyric wise. Trying to be a rocker without succeeding…The only song with a guitar-solo, but then again, it’s not Chris! Sorry, couldn’t help it.DESERT DANCE takes a few listenings, as does the whole album, wich is always a good sign, and I just love Geoffs singing on this one. Chris sitar-sounding guitarr is great. Along with TRIBE, the hardest song off the album. They should have mixed the backing vocals up a bit (never coming down) to avoid the ‘rapping’ sound in the chorus. But a great song!FALLING BEHIND has a bit of ‘Out Of Mind’, from Promised Land, in it but is by no means as great song as that one. Starts off great but again, the chorus falls short. This one gets left out when I’m programming my listenings…GREAT DIVIDE was a big dissapointment when a started listening to this CD. I should have known better. Right after the first riff, Scott shows the way and it’s actually one of my favorites now. One of the greatest love songs for a nation (with a question mark) I’ve heard! This one is a fav from the album for me now!RHYTHM OF HOPE is my pick for a single, especially for those radio stations waiting for someting that sounds a bit like ‘Silent Lucidity’. And it does! The best way to describe it would be like a mix between ‘Silent Lucidity’ and ‘Bridge’.Once again, great lyrics – gives those people who’s afraid to take a chance, hope that there’s someting good waiting around the corner.TRIBE is a bit experimental but is, after a few listenings, classic Rÿche! The hardest song off the album. At least music wise. Takes more than a few listenings. Awesome!BLOOD starts like an ironic song for W. Bush to answer. Then continues to question the right to take the law into your own hands…without getting blood on them.THE ART OF LIFE…well, you all know Queensrÿches tradition of allways putting a trademark song at the end of an album… It ends here, I’m afraid. This is the perfect ending to the album even if, as the story goes, the band wanted to end on a happier note. Well, there’s nothing sad with this one. This one is about what the secret of life is. It’s a song in the same spirit as ‘SpOOl’, and ‘The Right Side Of My Mind’. A verse that, as TRIBE, has Geoff talking us through it. The album ends with ‘DOING FINE’ wich sounds like it’s been written too fast. This is the worst song on the CD! No magic, no heart, no honesty in Geoffs voice, no Degarmo-effect, although he co-wrote it. I tend to listen to song 1, 3, 5-9. It’s a major step (leap) in the right direction. Just wish Chris and the rest of the band could settle their differences and head back towards OPERATION MINDCRIME 2 via EMPIRE 2 now that they have brought us PROMISED LAND 2.Geoff’s voice sounds more alive on this one than on HITNF and Q2K. If that’s because the lyrics are better or because he sings with more honesty, I don’t know.All in all, it sounds like the band had problems coming up with material enough with the total running time being just over 40 min’s and three songs I could do without.So people, let’s all forget (if we could) Q2K and let’s concider HITNF a Chris Degarmo solo-project and see TRIBE as a follow-up to PROMISED LAND. I know that’s what I’m doing.Wich means, we have two (2) PROMISED LAND – Let’s hope they can ‘go back’ and bring us a second EMPIRE and a second OPERATION MINDCRIME. Not that would be a step back in development, as many people may think. Including the band. I hope I’m wrong on that one.

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  • Much was expected when it was announced that original guitarist Chris DeGarmo would be involved in some of the recording sessions for the new Queensryche Album “Tribe”, for those expecting yet another Mindcrime Clone, you won’t get your wish. But for those who loved Queensryche during the height of it’s success (The “Empire” and Promised Land” era) they will love this CD.The new album has something to offer for everyone. What was different about the last two Queensryche studio releases, 1997’s “Hear In The Now Frontier” and 1999’s “Q2k” was that while both albums contained some good music. There weren’t many memorable songs that stood out. Certainly if you were picking a Greatest Hits Queensryche compilation, you wouldn’t pull much material from those two disks. “Tribe” is a total turnaround. This CD contains some terrific and thought provoking material that is very memorable. The Album is themetic in that it’s themes seem to draw from a post- September 11th atmosphere and on events surrounding the Iraq war. The questioning and searching of oneself, of America, of going to war, of the Bush Administration, on the Middle East situation. There is simply a LOT of SUBSTANCE here. This is a no-fluff zone folks, which is what endeared so many to Queensryche in the first place. The band has always been about making you think and feel and question during times when some of their peers were merely singing about hot babes and fast cars(see the 1980’s) the Ryche were about so much more. Highlighting some of the songs:The first single, “Open” is a direct questioning of the Bush administrations bravado and policies, as the chorus goes:”Open your eyes!!!, just see what you want to see!!, Open your eyes!!! you see yours isn’t the only way!! Open your eyes!!!, to you everyone is blind! The guitar is pretty heavy here and the solo, is an assault on the senses, beginning with a heavy bass line and then sequeing into a powerful guitar riff.The second song “Losing Myself” is a lighter, fun kind of song, that makes you want to hop in the car and head down the road at a fast speed! (but not too fast!)”Desert Dance” the 3rd song, is almost worth the cost of the CD alone. Folks this song ROCKS. Terrific guitar, and layers of riffs similiar to that of “Damaged” from the “Promised Land” album. This song requires a LOUD volume setting.Next is “Falling Behind” sort of a mid-tempo ballad with an accoustic guitar that almost has an Indian flavor to it. parts of This song lyrically touches on the conflict in Israel. A moving song that evokes thought.Then you have “The Great Divide” a mid tempoed rock song similiar to say, “Promised Land” or “Disconnected” from the “Promised Land” Album. A very good song. “Rhythm Of Hope” is the closest thing to “Silent Lucidity” that the Ryche has done since “Empire”, the string arrangements are beautiful and the song is so inspiring. “Tribe” the title song has a very heavy guitar riff, this is a powerful song. “Blood”, is a deep song that centers on the Iraq conflict. Similiar in tone to “My Global Mind” from Promised Land with a little less heavy guitar. The album closes out with “The Art Of Life” a very heavy mid-tempo riff, I think this song is a masterpiece. A terrific tune. The CD ends with “Doin Fine”, I think the title pretty much explains the song. Unlike “Someone Else” at the end of the “Promised Land” record, “Doin Fine” closes “Tribe” out on a positive note. It’s the second lightest song on the record along with “Losing Myself.”Folks, this album is terrific. Queensryche’s best since 1994’s “Promised Land”!!

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  • I bought this yesterday and I must say I am glad Chris DeGarmo is back in the band. However, DeGarmo didn’t play nearly as big a role in writing this album as he did in the older albums that made them as famous as they are.This album is much better than their previous two releases, but falls somewhere in between when you consider “Promised Land” or “Empire”. It doesn’t even compare to “Operation: Mindcrime”(but how could it?).The album as a whole sounds like a mix of “Q2K” and “Promised Land”, with the former sounding like the songs primarily written by Geoff and the others, and the latter sounding like the songs that DeGarmo wrote.Now, a lot of people have complained that Metallica sold out with their new album, “St. Anger” because they sound like Linkin Park and other nu-metal bands on it. I am glad to say that Queensryche still hasn’t sold out. Only one song, “Desert Dance” sounds like something a nu-metal band would make. Fortunately only parts of it sound like that and it is still a good song.”Tribe” isn’t all good, however. It just doesn’t have the heart their previous albums had. “Operation: Mindcrime” and “Empire” only took one listen and I was hooked. This one took three and I wasn’t captivated the way I was with their previous ones. There are also no lyrics in the cover fold-out.All in all, you need to buy this album if you enjoyed ANY of Queensryche’s previous albums, but don’t expect to be blown away. It has something for everyone, but nothing spectacular. If you haven’t listened to any of Queensryche’s albums, don’t buy this one; buy “Operation: Mindcrime” or “Empire”.

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