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Triumph or Agony

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  • I have only been a fan of Rhapsody for a few years now and Only have heard Symphony of Enchanted lands 2 and Power of the Dragonflame. I see so many reviews stating on how this band isn’t the same..sound totally diff? Well judging by the 2 albums I own..This one is just as good and in a diff way. I’m not an old school fanboy who likes nothing but old rhapsody So I can’t say how this is compared to the first 3 and 1 e.p But as a music lover and Metalhead…This album is good.

    Posted on February 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have to admit, some of you power metal fans have built neuron paths in your brain that only fire at 260 beats per minute. The chord structure is simple, but goes along with the territory of ancient folk music! But even beyond that, the vocals are absolutely amazing and expressive! The lyrics are pleasant! I find it interesting that fans either love it, or are dissapointed. *****

    Posted on February 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I just love this album not much speed as previous ones but melodies, AWESOME production, storylines[lyrics], the guitars are awesome too an excellent album. So, guys don’t be afraid of change!

    Posted on February 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is the first review I’ve ever written on this site. I have been an avid viewer and customer of Amazon for quite a while, yet I have never felt a need to actually write a review for something. This CD changed that for me. It is simply brilliant. With Symphony of Enchanted Lands II, Rhapsody had somewhat changed their style. SoEL2 was very epic, very big, very mature sounding, yet it didn’t have that fast paced, hard hitting, almost catchy-like quality of their previous releases (for the most part). Don’t misunderstand me, SoEL2 is a brilliant album, one that I would pick over most other music any day. It was just… missing something. Well, good news folks, Triumph of Agony takes the best of SoEL2 and combines it with enough of their old energy to give us something incredible. Starting with eerie whispers, this album never left me bored or wanting to switch tracks. Song ten is enough for anyone to buy the album. That song is truly brilliant. If you like power metal, if you like a big, epic sound, if you like to be swept up in your music and truly feel a part of it, then this album is for you. While Rhapsody, now Rhapsody of Fire, is certainly not for everyone, if you have even an inkling of a liking for them, this is certainly one of their very strongest efforts to date. I certainly hope their future efforts are as strong as this one. Good job guys.

    Posted on February 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • No you’re not seeing things. It is Rhapsody in all their excess and you know what? It sounds pretty good. Not sure of the reason for the name change but it seems to have made them less hyper and more melodious (if that’s possible). Plenty of medieval melodies, soaring vocals, backing choirs and of course, bombast.

    Not unlike Luc Turilli’s two new separate releases sans the female lead vocalists, but not quite as good. For fans of Therion, Dreamquest, Epica.

    Posted on February 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now