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Tropico/Seven the Hard Way

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  • The amalgamation of these two best selling Benatar albums not only affords nostalgia at a cheaper price for Pat fans who have her albums on vinyl, but also offers the more general fan a greater opportunity to cast a glimpse at a section of La Benatar’s more crediible work. Tropico marks a less rocky path for Pat and her band, with the honey-drenched ballad We Belong and the reflectively mature Painted Desert. Heavey guitars have been swapped in this album for a more pop/aor feel, which convincingly works without Pat relegating her trademark sound. Other top trax include on this album In A Crazy World Like This & Temporary Heroes, which were Top 10 pop hits waiting to happen. Seven The Hard Way, Pat’s 7th album is by far her best to date, and packs an immediate punch with the likes of anti-commercial pornography in Sex As A Weapon and the top 10 The from the Legend of Billie King, Invincible. 7 is a powerfully animated affair and strikes iron with Pat’s seismic vocal prowess that leaves you in exhaustion. Top toons of the album are Big Life, with its confident guitar riff and the cover 7 rooms of gloom, which has it all: electric, racing guitars, a fiery brass section, a forceful backing band and a rip-roaring performance by Pat who LIVES the song.Even the album’s more paced moments are not without interest. Run Between The Raindrops is a pensive look at life and inspired by the birth of Pat & Neil’s first daughter, Haley, and Walking In The Underground is a bluesy and dark track which reflects the darkness of the song’s theme, and builds into a fantastic crescendoed harmony by Pat. An absoltely brilliant album which alone is worth buying this double cd. Pat Benatar still lives to be a true inspiration to many & a legend whose musical talent is perfectly encapsualted in this package. Oustanding.

    Posted on January 13, 2010