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  • You wouldn’t think that, with 4 remixed versions of the Meshuggah song “Future Breed Machine” and 1 Live version of it, you could listen to this over and over again and enjoy it everytime. But you definitely can. “Future Breed Machine” to me, is a great Meshuggah song, but not one of my personal favourites..But i can still listen to this, and keep coming back to it, because it’s Meshuggah. And they really make great remixes of their songs too.

    The first song “Sane”, is the exact version you’ll hear on their 1998 album “Chaosphere” to fans who already have “Chaosphere” there’s nothing new there. And to fans who maybe don’t own “Chaosphere”, “Sane” is a good ’sample’ of what that album sounds like. In my opinion, their best album to date.

    The second song is the Live version of “Future Breed Machine”, recorded in UmeĆ„, Sweden in May 1997. It’s actually the only Live song of theirs i have ever heard, and it truly blows me away with how tight they are on stage as well as in the studio. Nothing is out of place here, and they really capture the intensity of the show too.

    The “Mayhem” version of “Future Breed Machine” starts off slow, and then on comes the crushingly heavy slowed-down riffs. Believe me, the riffs mixed with Jens Kidmans screaming, really define how heavy Meshuggah are/can be..even if this is a remix of the song “Future Breed Machine”. This song in many ways, reminds me of the “Concatenation Slomo Remix” that can be found on the Meshuggah “Rare Trax” CD, released in 2001. They’re both equally as heavy, i think.

    The “Campfire” version of “Future Breed Machine” is basically a short, amusing (At first), version of the song that can really get tedious after the first few listens. I don’t know who sings it, it’s definitely not Jens Kidman, but they do get really annoying after a while. But it shows that Meshuggah do have a sense of humour, and don’t take themselves too seriously like some other Metal bands.

    The next two songs that follow are techno remixes of “Future Breed Machine”, that are actually pretty listenable. Both go over the 6 minute mark, and it’s hard at times to really pick out which parts of “Future Breed Machine” are in there..sometimes there’s no connection at all..but both are good experimental tracks. The first one almost sounds like an atmospheric Godflesh, if you know of that band, with how Jens Kidmans screaming vocals are heard at particular times during the song. And the second techno remix (Which i think is better) sounds more advanced and technical..almost like Autechre in a small way. It also has Jens Kidmans screaming vocals in it too, at certain times.

    So, if you really like the song “Future Breed Machine”, then i think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this E.P. If you’re like me, and find it’s a great song but it isn’t one of your favourites, then you’ll obviously still enjoy it as well.

    I give it 4/5. A great E.P by a truly unique and amazingly talented band.

    Posted on January 13, 2010