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True Human Design

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  • What you get with this album is a mixed bag, but nonetheless crushingly brutal Meshuggah. This is what EPs are meant to do, allow some leverage for the band and allow them to try some new stuff and have some fun, which is exactly what this album accomplishes. With this you get Meshuggah, and their unbridled aggression and extremely complicated musical style of metal. The CD opens with Sane, a song more tuned to Chaosphere-style Meshuggah. It is typical DEI Meshuggal bit a bit faster with lots of cymbals; a great aggression-dripping song. Then we have a live version of FBM, which is definitely on my list for the best metal song of all time. How they accomplish their music live with the same techical proficiency as on their recordings is an insurmountable feat that only this band could accomplish. They have just as much energy live, according to this track, if not more so than on thier recordings. Metal fans, get ready for THE heaviest song ever recorded. The Mayhem version of FBM the most aggression and anger-filled opus ever concieved. This track will blow you away with its heaviness. This song is the personification of a heavy song. Hear it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree. Then there is a funny version of FBM, which proves this band has a sense a humor in addition to excellect musucianship. Then we have 2 techno mixes of FBM, the first of which is more of actual techno. It is an interesting mix, definitely catches your attention. The second is FBM, but in an almost ambient/atmospheric mix. The results are amazing, as this long track proves that techno, ambient, and heavy music can collide and just sound good and aggressive. This is not an album for the uninitiated to Meshuggah, as it is just not representative of their sound. But for the Meshuggah fan, it is an excellent Meshuggah release that demands your attention.

    Posted on January 13, 2010