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True Love

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  • You know her music, you all did the shoulder shake from the video of LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. But what many don’t know is that Ms. Benatar has the pipes from being trained in opera.Opera to rock, how did that happen you might ask? Well, let’s wait for VH1’s Behind the music to find out.But this CD is what you have to call a treasure. It was never destined to be a smash hit. Pat Benatar singing the Blues? Who would have bought that? But damn it you need to give it a chance.In my mind, this is where Ms. Benatar decided to stretch her artistic wings and go out at it. The Blues is the father to rock and roll, and in Ms. Benatar’s powerful voice you can hear why. She wraps herself in songs by BB King and more that you wouldn’t expect. She is raw, heartfelt and passionate.I wish the label had pushed it more. Or even for VH1 to have been more of an influence then like it is now. Pat Benatar would have benfited from VH1’s Storytellers show to perform songs from th is album in that setting. Truly an amazing album!

    Posted on November 15, 2009