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True Parallels

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  • Trust Company made us wait 3 years for “True Parallels”, the long-awaited follow-up to the promising 1st album “The Lonely Position of Neutral”. Had I known this would be the finished product, I would’ve waited 10 years.

    This album showcases TC’s unique sound and incredible talent. The lyrics are magnificent and can be related to by everyone. This is the best album of the decade. I would even go as far as saying this is the best album I have ever heard (although to be fair, I’m only 18).

    1. Stronger (A. The lead single provides a catchy tune with some very inspirational lyrics.)

    2. The War is Over (A+. Maybe the song of the year. If you ever want to see what makes Trust Company different from every other hard rock band, listen to this song.)

    3. Surfacing (A-. The hits keep on coming…)

    4. Slave (B. Finally, the album hits the “B” level. This isn’t as catchy as the 1st 3 songs but is an excellent “album filler song”.)

    5. Fold (B-. This is the low point through 5 tracks. Unbeliveable.)

    6. The Reflection (A-. For some reason, I think this song could get Trust Co. a lot of airplay if it became a single. It seems to be a lot like other rock songs, yet it still has the unique Trust Company sound.)

    7. Breaking Down (C. The 1st bleh song of the album.)

    8. Someone Like You (B-. This song is a nice complement to the hard stuff on the rest of the album.)

    9. Crossing the Line (B+. Even nicer complement to the hard stuff on this album.)

    10. Silently (D+. We’ll give them a mulligan on this one. Just too boring.)

    11. Erased (A-. This song has my favorite lyrics of the album. This is a good song to listen too if you are feeling down on yourself and want to calm yourself down.)

    12. Without a Trace (C. Slightly better than Silently, but still way below par when compared to the rest of the album.)

    41. Retina (B+. The album’s hidden track that is buried as track #41 on the CD. I’d love to know why this didn’t make the CD. Another great song with a catchy tune and very inspirational lyrics.)

    This is an album everyone should get. There is no other band like Trust Company out there. If you like rock music or alternative music, this album is a must. I just hope we don’t have to wait 3 years for Trust Company’s 3rd album.

    Posted on December 6, 2009