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True Parallels

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  • I was on the edge of my seat, so to speak, for the last 3 years waiting for this uber-delayed CD. Their previous effort, The Lonely Position of Neutral, still maintains quality playtime on my MP3 player and CD changer alike. I was always amazed that TRUSTCompany never got very well-known…they certainly have the talent. Their second album, True Parallels, is a CD that is just as good as, and at times better than, their original. People new to the band have complained about things like all their songs sounding the same, or that they are not original enough. First off, I will admit that a few of the songs on here DO, in fact, sound similar. Not all, but some. There is no disputing that The War Is Over does not sound like, say, Without A Trace or Silently. Sonds like The Reflection, Fold, Erased, and Breaking Down do sound similar. But you know what? I am a fan of TRUSTCompany for their music first and variety second, so I don’t really care that one amazing song sounds like another amazing song. They are all great.

    The two standout aspects of this CD would have to be the vocals and the guitar. Kevin’s voice is just as hauntingly soothing (and loud at times) as before, and the backups provide an excellent rock harmony. The guitar, which was not present on the previous CD nearly as much, is perfect. The melodic licks added to songs like The War Is Over, Silently, Someone Like You and Retina make the already excellent songs that much better. TRUSTCompany rock you with thumping beats and heavy guitar, while at the same time providing a singer whose voice is beautifully unique and a melody that simply makes the music delightful to hear. These guys should get a lot more credit, and a lot more exposure.

    While I like just about every song on the CD, my favorites are the ones that are of the slightly new style. The War Is Over is by far the best song on there. Stronger, Surfacing, Silently, Slave, Erased, The Relfection, Fold…all great songs. Not a big fan of Without A Trace of Someone Like You, but I don’t skip them either. Overall, if you liked The Lonely Position of Neutral, get this CD. If you’ve never heard of TRUSTCompany before, you might want to check that one out first…if you like it, by all means get this CD too. You won’t be disaapointed.

    Posted on December 6, 2009