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  • I’m constantly flicking through Amazon, following a paper trail of “Other Customers Bought this…” as well as lists and reviews trying to find new bands so that I have different to listen to. Generally I tend to stick the Alternative stuff.

    Lately I’ve been without anything new, not since 10 Years a while ago. Alot of new albums came out last year, but there hasn’t been alot this year (for me) to fill the void.

    Revelation Theory has produced a good debut album, a band that explores a few different speeds, sounds and vocals/instrument across the way. While I will not lie and say that there are some songs which echo the one before it, and that they remind me of other bands and hence their appeal, but this is an album which demonstrates a band which I would like to get into now and support so that they mature and bring out even better stuff in the future – I encourage you to do the same.

    I also suggest that you visit their myspace to listen to a few samples, which includes ‘Slowburn’ and ‘Selfish and Cold’ – the former being a heavier and the latter more predominately acoustic. These should give you a good enough idea of their sound.

    The only thing I think the band lacks, is just the final nuances of passion which separates them from other bands. While the heavier songs might make you think ‘Is that not a form of passion?’ I remind you that I did not say they had none. The band lacks the energy or anger which might propel the sound beyond into becoming atypical of their contemporaries. However, the potential is there and layered through their music which leads me with much hope. The only other thing which bothers me with this album is the distinct lack of length of the songs (which can be forgiven due to this being a debut) and it will be interesting with their next CD whether they will try to increase it. (The songs are short because they tend to focus on the music accompanied by vocals, lacking in the instrumental breaks which allows the other members to experiment and show their skills)

    Songs like World to Burn, M367 (Out of Our Hands) and Loathe are examples of songs which immediately pique interest and retain their merits after a couple of listens, they all are (with Loathe to a degree) all heavier tracks though the band has experimented with the acoustic through ‘Selfish and Cold’ as well ‘Over the Line’ which ends the album quite nicely being, in my opinion, one of the best Tracks on the CD. The vocals are clear and have a good spectrum of sounds from an emphatic hoarse shout to being melodic, I only wish some of the other instruments got the same look in.

    All in, 4/5 stars. I highly recommend them as a fresh new sound that might go a long way. Hence, there is one star left free – I’m hoping in their next album the experience and feedback from their first will have produced maturity and evolved more idenity and sound. I have expectations. I hope they are met =)

    Posted on December 15, 2009