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Truth Is Currency

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  • The Up Side: Revelation Theory sort of flew under my radar earlier this year when they released Selfish and Cold, so I’m a bit new to these guys, but if Truth Is Currency is any indication of what greatness this band will become, they’ve got a fan for life in me. Currency is refreshing hard rock in the vein of Staind and early Breaking Benjamin, a style that seems to have dropped off quite a bit in recent years. From Out Of Our Hands to Over The Line, RT packs 10 gems back to back for a pleasing 30+ minutes.

    The Down Side: Currency is pretty short. A couple more songs would have rounded things out nicely. Also, one of my favorite RT songs, Far From Home, isn’t on here!!

    The Conclusion: Fans of Seether, Staind, Breaking Benjamin and Allele should find alot to enjoy on Truth Is Currency. Even casual rock/nu-metal fans can enjoy the singles, so what are you waiting for? GET IT!!!

    Posted on December 16, 2009