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  • Tsar! Buy it and listen. Return to rock. Listen to the symphonies of So CAL beaches, occult choirs, starry mirages of tangled constellations, the harps of a few boys crazed imaginations. These leaders/saviors of Post-modern Youth, both innocent and raging, re-pave and break apart the crashing plains of their very own Creations, tumultuous worlds! Of chaos and life! God and Satan at battle in a disc of colors spinning just above the head! Without this album many bands to come would not be allowed to explore the forgotten pathologies of a larger people, a pathology of love enforcement, grace through destruction, hypnotic surges, monstrosity and technology. The fantasies these boys cultivate DO INDEED contain that mysterious power which is precisely FREEDOM’S, GOD’S and AMERICA’S – a mysterious power which gives THE KIDS a new direction, a light and a sound forever exciting to the flesh of the heart. (! )

    Posted on March 4, 2010