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  • Tsar will launch 10,000 bands? I doubt it. But never before has a derivative band wrapped so many perfect Bowie and Replacements and even Stones-esque sounds into such a singularly pretty package. Thank god, the sum total of these influences somehow doesn’t lend Tsar a tired post-modern, ironic, borrowed sound at all — rather, this is earnest, honest, and forthright rock from a band that seems to mean every note it plays and every word it sings. This is courageous stuff in today’s music circus, full of “safe” and bashful sounds hiding behind a curtain of irony and distance, and I pray this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Tsar. I hope the band will continue to live up to its glorious debut, which will remain at the top of my music heap for many years to come, and their coming success doesn’t go to their heads. That would be a shame: the world needs a tsar.

    Posted on March 4, 2010