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  • The Finnish delight in doom metal, Amorphis, has made one of the best cd’s in the pre-apocalyptic year of ‘99. After the magnificant “Tales from the thousand “lakes” and “Elegy” they now offer us ‘Tuonela”: simply a new dimension into their already astonishing music. Of course they have followed their way which they began to walk on with “Elegy”. The death grunts are almost gone and the music maybe isn’t as doomy as on “The tales…”. But that’s only after two or three listenings. When you really start to get into thsi music, you can hear that the music hasn’t been so melancholy and deep ever in their career.They have written some of their best songs of their lifes, and they have put in some new ingredients which make the songs only better. After “Elegy” they began to experiment with psychedelical- and ’70’s-influences. These influences are now put into their music in a very subtile way, just as the eternal Finnish folk-influences, which are again present. All these influences you can hear only after at least three listenings, so you should really try to listen to this music very good. What more can I say now? Maybe that it just isn’t true that (what probably many so-called fans and music-journalists say) Amorphis is now definitively not a metal band any more. Indead, it’s just what the title of this cd tells us (Tuonela is an (old)-Finnish word which means “underworld”): they have never been so deep into the underworld as ever! This was all i could say about this magnificent piec of work. I only want to say now: everyone who loves doom- or gothicmetal should listen to IN THE WOODS, a superb band who is so experimental and weird that nowbody knows them and that you even can’t buy their super-cd’s “Omnio” and “Strange in stereo” at Amazon (shame on you, Amazon! ). And furthermore everyone who likes Amorphis should try the newest of Tiamat and My Dying Bride!

    Posted on February 16, 2010