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  • I recently pulled this record off the shelf and gave it another listen after owning it for many years. It surprised me how well a lot of it stands up once you look past the obvious exploration of the 80s synth sound.Half of the songs on this album would be eminently listenable if they weren’t burdened with the ignominy of being found on the Turbo album. The title song is a track that captures the essence of Judas Priest’s music: a memorable vocal delivery, sexual innuendo, and a dark vibe that belies the playful title. Other tracks include the power ballad “Out in the Cold”, which is vintage Priest once the overlong synth intro is out of the way. The two tracks “Reckless” and “Locked In” would have been right at home on another Priest album such as Defenders. The rest of Turbo is a mixed bag of 80s fluff metal that meets with some middling success. I never bought into the guys in Priest being the flag-bearers of teenage rebellion, and obviously not many other people do either. Still, the moments on Turbo where Priest is not trying to identify themselves with the youth movement are enjoyable, and it’s a shame that an album with 4-5 good songs gets dismissed in an era where modern bands put out 1-2 hit song albums padded by 8-9 filler tracks.

    Posted on January 22, 2010