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  • I really like this JP album. I personally don’t care if a band uses keyboards or synthesizers, just as long as they make an album with quality songwriting. Turbo has that quality. I still have a cassette, although I discovered them later on, and I’ve been jamming on it. Locked in, Parental Guidance, Rock you all around the world, and Wild nights are my favorite songs on this album, but I jam on all of them. Don’t get scared off from this album just because some people say this album has too many keyboards or sounds cheesy or whatever. It’s not cheesy. It really jams. The riffs are an adrenaline rush. The solos are lightning hot. Halford gets it done on vocals, as usual. Actually I was glad to hear a band get out of the pointless blackness of some of the 70s metal and put themselves inside a framework, such as Turbo, where all their energy is less redundant and more channeled. The songwriting, not to repeat myself, is outstanding, and very well planned out. Most of the songs on this album are very singable and rebellious. Just the thing after a typical boring day at the office or elsewhere. This album will set you free.

    Posted on January 22, 2010